Patrica and Florence are seen as pre-schoolers that envuntaly decide to audtion for The Sunshine day elemtray school talent contest agiansit a group of mean older girls inculding Buford's older sister Brandie. Along the way they meet a boy named Bryan that Patrica grows a crush on.


  • Sisters

Running gags

 The "Too Young" line

Sign up lady:Excuse me little girls aren't you a little bit to little to sign up?

Young patrica:Yes,Yes we are

Florence's line

Young Florence:Well at least it worked out quite nicley [gasp and covers mouth]

Young Patrica:Florence you talked?


Florence:Well it worked out quite nicer than I thought

Patrica:Floence you've done it agian

Florence:Okay.I'm hungry

Watcha doin'

Said by Bryan

Memorable quotes

Young Patrica:And this is the classroom.Well aren't you comeing it's The Learing express.Oh come on you just got on the letter Q and the even the number 12 Cam't you wait to hear about the ones that come after that?[grunts]lets just go [walks Florence into the classroom]


Bryan:Actually it almost looks like you we're born by the same familt as in like you have the same eye color, shoes,you even didn't talk on your 1st day.You know you actually look a little bit like twins.infertntal twins my other brother keeps telling me that he likes

Young Patrica:We aren't really ,but I could use that as a joke that I can use on people


Buford:Whoa thats weird because I got a sister named Brandie

Patrica:Thats convincng because she has the same last anem too

Buford and Patrica:ha,ha




Young Patrica:Well at least it's like the brochure and they never,ever lie

[more needed]

End Credits

last verse of Sisters for life

Background info.

  • Also known as The Little Phinettes in some countries
  • Perry,Doofetzie,Stacy,Isebella,and Jermey is absent ,Ferb has a non-speaking role,and the young Candace makes a cameo in the flashback they have

Early life revals

  • [coming soon]


  • Sequel to Lil' Phineas and Ferb and small prequel to Austrillan Bongio
  • The outfits look like Phineas,Ferb,and Candace wore when they met each other that was seen in Phineas and Ferb Get Busted Young Phineas and Candace also amke a cameo in the flashback when The Flynn family moves into the house.And when Patrica says that the school is like the brochure it is a spoof when Phineas said "It looks nothing like the brochure"
  • Some of the kids make cameoes at school Irving even makes a cameo in the audience
  • The twin joke is mentioed in the flashback.(1st 7 or something appearnces)


  • Bratz Babyz: The Movie:The plot is very simlair to it
  • Alvin and the Chipmunks:When one of the girls in Brandie's girl at school calls her "rag girl" because she has rags for socks and says she's from the poorhouse it is a parpody of what the unnamed girl that hangs out with Muffy said about Jeanette's clothes in The Sisters. 
  •  Little Orphan Annie:Florence's nickname "Little orphaned Florence" is parpody of the famous comic strip
  • An American Girl:How Florence was made fun by Brandie's group of is a paropdy of the movie .Asley Ausburn also plays Patrica in Phineas and Ferb 2:the Ferbquel
  • Monster House:Adam mentions that he is glad that they're not next to that creepy man across the street refrecing both the house in the movie and Nebbercracker
  • Gotta Kick It Up! :Brandie's dance group is a paropdy of the rival dance team from the Disney Channel movie
  • American Revolutionary War:When Florence wears rags for socks it is a refrence of the war and the book Socks for George Washington


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